Monday, April 19, 2010

I really enjoy my passengers. The couple that came up to me when I was being interviewed, the Ellmores of North Carolina, and I had a a wonderful ride. Unfortunately the US Botanic Garden was closed as they have an amazing orchids exhibit. (I used to have hobby of killing orchids, now I water them less and they live longer and bloom once in a while!)

And for Mr. Ellmore, who works for Duke Energy, at the end of a joyous ride, I pointed out the fin de siecle ethos carved into the stone at Union Station something like - "electricity- lighter of darkness, conveyor of messages," etc. and I want to find it exactly online and post it because it honored him and his work and gave an idea of the hustle and bustle and manifest destiny jazz of the turn of the previous century when electricity was a new and marvelous thing, not just another semi-regulated industry we all take for granted.

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