Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Judy, the Killington realtor, a Mom and her son and the Japanese American WWII Patriotism Memorial.

Christopher Isherwood said,"I am a camera."  As I drive the pedicab around DC many amazing and different people come into my visual field. At Jefferson I picked up a spry Judy Storch from my favorite East Coast ski spot, Killington, VT.  She sells real estate there, Killington Valley Real Estate and worked on the slopes for years. Took her the long way back to the Marriot on "effin 9th Street" past the monument to Japanese American Patriotism in WWII with the eagle ensnared in the barbed wire, like the miles of barbed wire we strung to pen in Japanese-Americans in concentration camps away from the coasts so they couldn't help in a possible invasion.


I took a young man there studying art in college and showed him and his mother the sculpture of eagle and the barbed wire and the oriental tubular gong that wasn't quite working. Mentioned as I dropped him off at Union Station that we still have a Puritan strain here as those Centurion didn't have shields in front of them when erected. He gave me a big hug when I told him to follow his bliss, make the best art he could,  and that the rest of his life belonged to him. His Mom gave me a big tip, and that felt good too after a slow day.

Next I have to post about Uncle John's email on why the Washington monument is the highest edifice in DC ....

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