Monday, December 13, 2010

On a mission for cannoli...

Picked up a Post Office employee, his wife and two beautiful kids to go up to 15th and H for a cannoli at Potenza.  I was puffing and pedaling my 400 pound pedicab UPHILL on 15th Street, the crowds lined up for something special at The White House cheered me on, but Potenza was closed. They had to walk down a block to Cosi's for a snack, when out came a kind young lady with an iPhone and a bunch of ones, like a waitress would. She helped in our quest for cannoli, went back in and came out with three little cannoli. I gave two to Rich and kept one for my Philadelphia-born wife to sample. (I liked it but she was not too pleased with the citron added to the riccota filling.)

Potenza, a very nice restaurant, is Italian for power.

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  1. Everyone liked the story a lot :) But one correction I'm not a waitress I make the pasrties there. I'm sorry your wife didn't care for the citron (its not my recipe) Thank you for the ride it was lots of fun! Sadly whole foods was out of what I was looking for :( Bring your wife in for dinner sometime and I will specially make her cannolis minus the citron