Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Milano, Amsterdam and Mexico City

It was a beautiful day to pedicab today - cloudy and not too hot, not too cold, like the three bears porridge. After taking an American mother and older son to the Grand Hyatt, an Italian woman from Milan here for business with the pet food part of Mars asked for a round trip to CVS. We chatted in Italian about La Scala and our recent honeymoon in Italy.
Then Richard, a kind financial analyst from Amsterdam took a tour from me and I snapped a few pictures of him on my cell phone to send to my wife so I could send to him via email.  I love the 21st century sometimes!
Finally on the way back to the shop, found a happy Mexican couple near the Capitol, managed enough Spanish to give good tour.  He works for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and sent a nice note.

All spoke English very well. Too bad most of us don't speak their languages.

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