Saturday, November 21, 2009

Old cell phones traded at Natural History Museum for 3D Movie

Traded three old cell phones for three IMAX tickets at Smithsonian Museum of Natural History 3D Wild Oceans movie! Nokia doing this special for one more week! Save your coltan, a mineral used in cell phone metals. San Diego Zoo warns of relation between cell phones, coltan mining and extinction of Great Apes.

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  1. What an innovative way Natural History Museum has adapted to create awareness among mobile phone users for environment protection. It will help people stop buying new ones & recycle their older ones to ultimately bring down the demand for coltan and help protect the forests of Congo where gorillas live in. Those who are giving in to this will be doing a large service to those in need, and the world with your actions. Who would ever have thought that a simple act of goodwill, such as giving your old phone to charity, would have such a positive impact on the world. For more information visit Cash 4 Phones .