Sunday, July 4, 2010

Americans on both sides of the aisles pedicab through the 4th of July : Happy birthday America!

He had a huge silver and gold belt buckle and a very Texan hat, she had her big toes painted in an American flag. "We're from Texas and very conservative and listen to Fox News, " she proclaimed. Took this nice couple on an hour or so tour to Jefferson, Lincoln, driving past FDR and Dr. King's future memorial between TJ and Abe.

Then on my way back to the shop picked up a Chicago building union man and his wife, and made their night special by taking them to Jefferson Memorial, one of the most spiritual monuments we have. Originally they wanted to just go to the other side of the White House, and then they shared they just had a tour of the West Wing. I asked how they were able to get the tour. She was a State Senator from Chicago!

Then at Mass at St. Dominic's I heard the priest say, "Conservatives and liberals need one another's corrective action. We all need to listen to and learn from each other."

Happy 4th America! The experiment continues! I sure hope God continues to bless America.

"I tremble for my country when I reflect God is just." carved into stone at Jefferson.  Off to get a pedicab with a shade covering on this day that will get into the high nineties...

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