Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Microsoft Partners and a sanitation workers' family

Microsoft partners conference at the convention center brought geeks (“solutions providers” as we used to refer to ourselves in the software development biz) from around the world. Had a great chap with a couple Italians who actually work for MS. Francesco told of a press conference today about the new Apple i4 iPhone booboos. (Competition can be good for a species. In ecology, there a graph of competition vs. resources and population. At one end of the graph is extinction where a species eats itself out of its environment; another end of the asymptote is monopoly where one species completely dominates (MS?) , but the best equilibrium are where the asymptotes meet and the dynamic of competition hums alongs - birth, consumption, death, depletion of resources/renewal of resources)

Italy-grazie mille, Californian, Khazakstan – Rakhmat; Belgium and France bienvue – merci; Nigeria – one can usually tell by cheekbone structure if a Yoruba – Oshe or Ibo-  Daalo or Hausa – most are statistically Yoruba.

Picked up above the White House a Larger African American family – he is sanitation worker (garbage truck driver) from Cleveland OH . Had to share the tour with my Turkish friend, another rogue driver with his own rig had to cut short the tour for costs and crying baby.

He repeated the happy wife = happy life maxim cited previous posting.

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