Saturday, October 9, 2010

Driving from Washington Monunent to Lincoln Memorial.

Driving from Washington Monunent to Lincoln Memorial with a father from Connecticut and his 7th grader who likes world history, I told some of the stories along the way.  Anti-Catholicism and conspiracy theory paranoia kept the Washington Monument 1/3 built for almost twenty years. The golden flaming sword shows the battles of the Second Division over time. Simon Bolivar near the Organization of American States was the George Washington of Venezuela.

Took a picture of father and daughter in front of The White House. When this nice manufacturer of things to hold jet engines said, "If you see Nancy Pelosi, run her over.", I had a chance to speak my own little truth. I told him I would not and that I liked Speaker Pelosi, then turned around and shook his hand saying something like, we may disagree on some things but we both care about America. 

He left me a pretty big tip.

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