Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kennedy Center matinee

Kennedy Center matinee of Beethoven violin concerto and Bruckner symphony was amazing! Live music thanks to Jim E. passing on free tickets. Parked the pedicab and listened joyfully.

Spoke with an FBI agent at intermission on the balcony overlooking the Potomac and Rooselvelt Island tasked to the Counter Terrorism Center.  I asked if he thought social institutions and legislation would evolve to preserve our liberties even though there will most likely be another catastrophic attack on US soil?

His answer was that he was surprised habeas corpus wasn't already rescinded after 9/11 (as Lincoln did during the civil war) and they weren't just rounding people up rather than having to actually investigate and prove guilt.

  Drove a nice elderly couple from the Kennedy Center to Georgetown. When he asked about my quadriceps and gastrocnemius muscles I smelled a medical background. He was a retired cardiologist, glad I was in good cardio shape.

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