Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Tale of Two Families

We had a 4 pedicab tour with a large family. The 3 little children rode in my pedicab and were so polite. A beautiful family, we raced to Jefferson, didn't stop to read my favorite quote, "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just." (and he said that in the days BEFORE we started pre-emptively invading countries), zipped over to the larger FDR memorial, then passed WWII to the White House. We ended at the Spy Museum where we have a family membership.

This family contrasted another family of 8 from Tennessee. I started to engage them at the Air & Space Museum and the wife didn't want to spend the money for 3 pedicabs but the husband did. I told her when I was in the 1988 Gore Presidential Campaign the password to get into the campaign headquarters after hours was Tinnessee, pronounced with an I. "Oh yeah, the one who invented the Internet", she smirked. "Would you vote for him if he was running today?" she asked. "Yes, and he also was one of the first to draw attention to the satellite data showing the seasonal hole in the ozone layer in Antarctica."

"Well, let's talk about history and science and culture and leave politics alone for a while." I smilingly suggested. We obviously had a different world view. Brian, my fellow pedicabber on this tour, shook his head and wondered how I could handle these rambunctious kids. They were screaming and wanted to bump the other pedicabs. All kids are by definition wonderful, even if the 5 year old did lose his shoe in fortunately VERY slow rush hour traffic!

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  1. The wife told me that they came to DC to see the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence before "someone" abolishes it...