Saturday, October 24, 2009

tracking down the Longview Gallery Opening for Andrea

It was about 6:30 pm and close the 7 end of shift and I was near Gallery Place Metro when a senior citizen well-dressed, in cocktail attire, flagged me down. Andrea, new from San Antonio, was trying to find a "Long-something Gallery for an art opening that should have 900 people." So I Googled on my cell phone Longstreet Gallery and got something on 21st and R Streets, many blocks away. I suggested possibly the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery around the corner which was open until 7.

No good.

So I called my favorite trusty Washington Post 202 334-6000 using the ancient technology of the telephone and asked to be connected to the Style Section. Justin Moyer was fortunately still there working after their 6pm closing and kindly answered for me. He looked it up on their Calendar Events section.

1234 9th St., NW. We found a beautiful, exciting opening of amazing modern paintings and fancy people and fancier hors d'ouevres!

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